Have you ever seen the movie Click? If you have...I say no more. If you haven't, well...these are pretty scary pics huh??
Left-Katie at 1 month
Right-Kristina at 1 month


Okay, well, the other day I went to the beach with Mary and Steve. We took some pictures before we left specifically for the purpose of posting it on the blog that we hadn't started. The waves weren't very big but it was good fun...first time to actually catch something this year. Anyway, enjoy the pics.

My poor baby has a fever. Pls pray for her.

My First Post

So, the other day Aiki and I decided to start a blog. We figured that if we had a blog, we'd be motivated to take lots and lots of photos of us and our darling children for it. Since we are both horribly delinquent at taking photos, we thought that we could make a blog and use it as our motivator. So...hopefully our idea will work.
One thing I dislike about blogs I've seen is the lack of photos. So, I will try and post at least 1 photo per post. So sometimes the photos I post may be entirely unrelated to the topic of my post
Okay, so about the photos. These pics are from the ending of our completely long and exhausting day out in the sun on the beach. I don't have any photos from the actual beach beach as I was too busy watching our children then. But these I managed to take on the way home. We stopped by this other beach to have a little snack. Aren't they sooo cute??

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