Aiki's Freeday!!

Today was my day off and it was probably one of the most relaxing ones I've had since my "glory days"...without kids.
It started off a little intense with Katie awake (whining) at 6:00 in the morning, standing with both her feet inside her potty. Don't ask me why. Thankfully she went back to sleep and I got to sleep in until 9 or 10. I got up and did all those fun things you finally get to do on your day off; you know, like clean the room, laundry, etc. Then came the highlight when I was able to convince Mary to go spear fishing with me. We left Katie home with Grandpa and took Kristina with us. We were able to get Josh to bring Kristina home early (Grandma took care of her at home) while we went to Cocos, after I speared a couple of fish. We stayed at Cocos for quite a while, bought some sandals, and then came home. It felt so good not having any kids with us...and this is not to discourage anyone from having kids because they definitely do bring lots of joy with them...and a ton of dirty laundry. Anyway, I was also able to get a much needed haircut this evening as I was looking pretty ugly.
This pretty much concludes my day. Here's a pic of us at the beach and one at Cocos.


  1. Aunty Joan said...
    why was she standing in her potty?? gosh, what are u guys teaching her?!?! haha, u should take videos of her and post them up here for me. I WANNA SEE HER DO FUNNY STUFF!!!!

    so u got a hair cut cuz u were looking pretty ugly?....uhh, so what does that make you now?
    Alyx said...
    hey there, Tumnus.
    ditzydevil said...
    AHH! Aiki, i so know how you feel! It gets me to wonder what the hell i did with all my time before i had kids. Its great stuff though...after you become a parent you treasure your tweenie alone moments.
    and Mary has such perky boobies for being a nurser. >>envy<<
    i kinda like you guys.

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