Summer fun pt. 1

Here's some pics from our summer vacation...we didn't too much, aside from eating, drinking, and going to the beach. Well, WE had fun anyway and I think Katie did too (Hot Tip for all you beach goers with little kids: go in the afternoon to escape the sun). She was a bit scared of the water at first, but on the last day we went she didn't want to come out of the water. We had a barbecue with mammoth amounts of ribs which Katie loooved (even though she could barely chew the meat..I think she just liked sinking her teeth into it), and Aiki left us for spear fishing as he always does. Ahem! And of course, as we expected, we couldn't stop Katie from eating sand either. It didn't really matter to her that sand doesn't taste good, she just kept sticking it into her mouth. We gave up trying to stop her after the 2nd trip. We figured that if she was determined to eat sand, she may as well just go ahead and eat sand. Eating sand never hurt anyone (I don't think).
Captions for Pics:
Top 3: Mommy and Katie swimming
4: "Hungry Native (with a beard) Hunting For Food"
5: "I'm Bear Grylls and I eat sand for survival..."

To be continued...


  1. Aunty Joan said...
    hahah shes getting fatter by the days!! so tuute!
    ditzydevil said...
    Sooo cute! Ack i can imagine my kids rolling around in dirt and i think i would panic! Katies adorable!
    Prister said...
    She's so beautiful!
    Kari said...
    I like the Bear Grylls shot!

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