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Sooo...last rest day I decided to try out Alisa's yummy looking pasta, as we had all the ingredients: provisioned spagetti noodles, olive oil from the food fair, tomatoes from Chiba market, and fresh basil from our friendly neighbor's garden (kindly provisioned by Kazu). It was my first attempt ever at making a cold pasta...and let me tell you it was just sooo yum yum yummy!! Very simple yet incredibly tasty, definitely worth the little amount of prep time. I am not the type of person who likes to spend many hours preparing food just for myself and Aiki to eat (unless it's something you bake, that is an entirely different story altogether), so this was straight up my alley.
I changed the recipe a bit, and used less noodles, around 750 g, as I like a very tasty pasta. I was actually only going to use 500g, but thanks to the advise of our own in-house pasta genius, Leika, I used 750g and it turned out just perfect. Now, just a little Hot Tip for those of you who are as ignorant as I am about pasta; don't try leaving this pasta in the fridge and eating it the next day. It does NOT taste good. In fact, it doesn't even slightly resemble it's original flavor. Call me dumb, but this was a big revelation to me.

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  1. babylove said...
    Awww....it looks great, I'm so happy that it turned out, it's such a simple pasta, no?

    Joyful! My husband is a tomato nut-nut so I do this one to get on his good side. hee!

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