Here are some pics to commemorate Josh's 21st birthday. Some of them are epic...even though they're pretty bad quality. Thanks for being a great friend Josh. And thanks for all the great times we had while you lived here.
For those who don't know Josh, he's pretty lazy (even though he'd probably rather think of himself as laid-back), remembers things really well as long as they are of no importance, reports on you when you're trying to cheat in a test and then laughs at you when you're getting in trouble for it, and overall he's a great guy.
Seriously though, Josh has changed tons and all these different things about him are based on the past...but some of them might still be applicable.
(Note to Josh: I had to crop the pic of you sleeping! Haha.)

Here's a fairly recent video of Katie and Kristina..Kristina was being really foolish and laughing at everything, and Katie wasn't being as smart as I wanted her to be on camera; really, she knows so much more. I'm serious.


"I'm the cutest baby in the whole world.."

Well hello everyone; it's been awhile so here's a little update; turns out that Kristina didn't have the German measles (whew what a huge relief), it was most likely some unknown virus that only she reacted to. Anyways, I thought I should post some cute, non-spotty photos of Kristina. She really is quite cute; she's not at all like Katie was as this age. Katie was quiet, she liked to play by herself or just lie on the bed by herself, perfectly content with doing her own thing. Kristina demands full-time attention and action, and she actually CRIES for me, too weird...Katie never cried for me at 5 months, or even now for that matter. I guess it's cause I'm still nursing Kristina...I don't really want to keep nursing her anymore though. I know it's the best, but she's into this new thing where she clamps down on my nipples with her gums and pulls her head away, and it's oh so painful! I can't imagine what it's going to be like once she has teeth! I'm sooo weaning her as soon as she turns 1.


My poor princess broke out in a rash-like spots yesterday. Thankfully, that`s the only thing wrong with her; no fever, no itchiness, no cold, nothing. Just the spots. Weird huh? I took her to the clinic THREE times in the past 24 hours. Apparently the people there are just as clueless as we are. It really is quite sad as some people are now stuck here because of it; not to mention the poor kids here who have been dying to go to the kids` camp which was supposed to start from tomorrow.
First, we thought it was just a food allergy, but then people here started getting suspicious as there`s been the hand-foot-mouth disease going around in different homes, but then somebody brought up German Measles, as it is supposed to be light and causes a non-itchy light rash all over the body and face; which is what she has, sooooo...yeah. Well it wouldn`t be that bad if it weren`t for the fact that some people in another home were visiting and somebody in THEIR home is PG. Nyways, all that to say please pray that whatever it is Kristina heals up and that nobody else gets it, and that it ISN`T German Mealses.

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