For my family...

Here's a fairly recent video of Katie and Kristina..Kristina was being really foolish and laughing at everything, and Katie wasn't being as smart as I wanted her to be on camera; really, she knows so much more. I'm serious.



  1. Aunty Joan said...
    ahahah, awwww!!!!! so tuuuuute!! I LOVED THIS!! Geez, now that shes saying names and stuff be sure to her a picture of me and teach her to say "Aunty Joan" k? K???? THANKS!

    We watched this twice with everyone, so sweeeeet. Kristina looks like a major japo! and katie is so big!!!
    the-aunt-thats-much-cooler-than-joan said...
    awww I like this fat one!!
    Shigeru said...
    Awwww I wanna go see my nieces :(

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