Here are some pics to commemorate Josh's 21st birthday. Some of them are epic...even though they're pretty bad quality. Thanks for being a great friend Josh. And thanks for all the great times we had while you lived here.
For those who don't know Josh, he's pretty lazy (even though he'd probably rather think of himself as laid-back), remembers things really well as long as they are of no importance, reports on you when you're trying to cheat in a test and then laughs at you when you're getting in trouble for it, and overall he's a great guy.
Seriously though, Josh has changed tons and all these different things about him are based on the past...but some of them might still be applicable.
(Note to Josh: I had to crop the pic of you sleeping! Haha.)


  1. Joan said...
    aww, tweet. All u guys together again...what loosers! (haha JOKE)

    happy birthday josh!
    Jesse said...
    Prayin for you guys!
    Anonymous said...
    heh good one.
    how old is that pic of me sleeping and whos arm is that in the pic??anyways thanks man.
    Aiki said...
    You don't remember that pic of you sleeping??? That's when you were trying to make Ry jealous...hahahaha.
    ditzydevil said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    ditzydevil said...
    Hahaha. priceless Aiki!!
    and whaaaatta sexy guy!! the only thing making me jelous right now is those photos! cuz i wanna see him!! And for the record. he likes me the bestest. more than you! >>wink<<
    Shigeru said...
    Wow... Josh 21. Congrats!

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