"I'm the cutest baby in the whole world.."

Well hello everyone; it's been awhile so here's a little update; turns out that Kristina didn't have the German measles (whew what a huge relief), it was most likely some unknown virus that only she reacted to. Anyways, I thought I should post some cute, non-spotty photos of Kristina. She really is quite cute; she's not at all like Katie was as this age. Katie was quiet, she liked to play by herself or just lie on the bed by herself, perfectly content with doing her own thing. Kristina demands full-time attention and action, and she actually CRIES for me, too weird...Katie never cried for me at 5 months, or even now for that matter. I guess it's cause I'm still nursing Kristina...I don't really want to keep nursing her anymore though. I know it's the best, but she's into this new thing where she clamps down on my nipples with her gums and pulls her head away, and it's oh so painful! I can't imagine what it's going to be like once she has teeth! I'm sooo weaning her as soon as she turns 1.

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