Number 3...

is on its way! In case you didn`t know already.
Pray for a man child.

Check it out

If you have time, you should check out our good friends' blog here. I highly recommend it to any and all of you as it's great reading, lots of fun, and highly informative.

For Elena

Check out Kristina trying to steal Kate`s sembe. She loves eating just about as much as Kate does. Right when I stopped taking the video Kate starting whining and saying "no no baby", haha.

To Daddy:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!! I love you so much! Thanks for being the best daddy in the whole world; I couldn't have wished for a better daddy. I pray for you always and hope that you will have great fun this next year.

Castle Park

This is the face Kate makes when you tell her to smile...hmmm..I`m not so sure about it


Check out my sexy husband

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