Finally!! An Update!!

Yes, finally the photos of the poor helpless badger will no longer be the first thing you see on this blog. Did Aiki mention that the poor animal still had the rope tied around in when they let it go? Aaanyways, we moved rooms last month and we are now living in a room around twice the size of our old one. There's so much room I don't know what to do with it! There's even enough space for Kristina to walk around in her walker. So, here's some pictures of our new room in all it's spacious glory.

In other news, we held Otosan's birthday party last week. We had pizza and cake, and Aiki and Stemmie did a skit, and we sang, and we actually took a home photo (minus a few people of course). We also managed to take a decent family photo (whoopie doo! whatta feat)..Kristy was on the verge of falling asleep, which explains her less than enthusiastic face. Nyways, here are the pics!

Here's Stemmie, viciously digging into his pizza.

Here's Kristy in a frumpy dress.

Otosan and the SGA women in our home (plus Cryssy and Meg)


  1. Dave said...
    i wonder why they didn`t think about how they were going to get a rope off a wild animal without being bitten?
    Anonymous said...
    i love your new nice,Fay
    Florence said...
    You guys have all the yummy food when I'm not there.
    ROB and PREM said...
    That looks Like mad fun. Good food and great people I can't wait to get back there.

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