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I figured that since out blog hasn't been updated in a while, I should just go ahead and post something on it. So I pulled out some pics from a couple of years back when we caught this badger. It was pretty awesome. I was out talking with someone and we saw this badger so we chased it into a gutter. From there we somehow got a rope around it and tied it to a tree. The whole time this thing is growling like a bear...pretty awesome. I guess that's why the Japanese call it an "anaguma" which literally means "hole bear". Okay, well, hopefully my wife will get time to post something a little more decent and interesting that might appeal to you who don't really enjoy things like "Man vs Wild" and those "nature" sort of things.
PS...and just to let you (who are a little too into nature and those sort of things) know, we let the badger go after we took the pics.


  1. Shigeru said...
    Babylove said...
    Maan, I thought you were going to eat it like, (Bear Grills Voice: "Ohh, it's the awwful, gritty, taste, but great survival food, really high in vitamin C" :) Wild!
    Dave said...
    I wonder if that's the one that died on Lydia's field???
    super aunty said...
    eww, okay Im kinda sukareta of looking at these whenever I come here.

    mary, take picatures of your new room and stuff. I wanna see what it looks like. Is that room still green?
    Mary said...
    Yeah sorry..I've been meaning to update...I will uhh soon
    daddy joe said...
    Great when I was there 3 years ago that varmit was running around and nobody knew what it was...Great pics aiki daddy joe

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