Kristy seems pretty determined not to crawl (sniff sniff). We figured it's because we put her in the walker a bit too much. I think she's closer to walking than crawling..I guess we'll see. She's alot fussier nowadays due to the fact that she can't get around. Here's a video of a recent way she's been using to get around..she doesn't do it all the time as it takes quite a bit of strength..but it's pretty funny. Don't mind our laughing in the background. Too bad I don't have a video of Katie when she first started crawling (with one straight leg)..

Kids Pics

Howdy! I thought I should post some semi-recent photos of the kiddos seeing as they are so cute and all. Here's my sweet pickle-face Kristy who has finally, at 8 months, decided to get on a semi-regular sleeping schedule which is a tremendous blessing to us all . She doesn't sleep through the whole night, but she only wakes up once or twice which is a sweet relief from the previous 3 or 4 times. She's faster with the teeth than Katie was, she has her 2 bottom ones which came out a month or so ago. She shows signs of crawling, though she just won't go for it just yet, which concerns me, as Katie crawled pretty late and pretty weird and her balance right now isn't the greatest. She's been a very happy baby recently and likes to eat almost anything, though I can't say she loves food as much as Katie does. I just had to post these sorta old photos of Kristy and Ian. They r sooo cute!! These are the only photos that I have of these 2 together, and I couldn't decide which one was the cutest, so I decided to post all 4 of them.

And here's sweet Kate who's been talking more recently, though she still doesn't pronounce words properly. Her recent "most favorite things to do" include singing "the Bible" in her incredibly monotone low voice while carrying her bible up high and dancing in a circle while cocking her head side to side, and dancing to "head, shoulder, knees, and toes" whilst singing and doing the motions very passionately and insisting that the little boy (I think it's Joey?) in the Happy English Exercise version is "Datie". She still loves eating and has no problem eating any sort of food that we've ever fed her (besides natto). She's very independent and stubborn. Just wants to do her own thing and wants to do it alone...which is nice in a way as she will play with her toys for hours by herself.

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