Howdy! Well, seeing as we haven't posted anything new for awhile and different stuffs have been happening, I thought I'd give a little update and, of course, post a few photos. Here's a few things that have been happening/have happened.

*Kristy is crawling! A miracle in itself, she is actually crawling properly, with both legs bent and everything! We thought it would never happen...
*Our home has the flu. Yup, we finally caught it. We thought we had it contained in one of our outer houses, but it has made its way, slowly but surely, into our very hallway. Please please pray our kiddos don't get it!!!
*My sweet sweet sister turned 18 yesterday, which is very weird for me as in my mind, she's still a little teenager. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOAN! May your 18th year be the ultimate year of fun, fulfillment, challenges, and MATURE boys..haha. ILY!
*My sweet sweet sister is also MOVING here! Yay!
*Aiki has been growing his hair out...this may not seem like anything important, but to me it is. I think he looks awfully funny, and if you see him, please tell him that he looks funny and that he should cut his hair. Thank you.
*Katie has been growing up real fast..She's learning lots and is getting cuter by the day. She now knows her colors, almost all her shapes, her numbers until 10, most of her body parts, most people's names in the home, her baby quotes, and can now read the word Meg (from her Meg and Tommy books)!. She loves her bible and life with grandpa books, videos, the color purple, hippos, getting her ears cleaned, coloring, songs, Grandpa and Grandma, and, of course, eating.
*Kristy is getting bigger and awfully cute as well as you can see. Her hair looks a bit funny, but I think it adds to her looks as she is quite a rascal. She is quite adept at finding tiny, itsy, bitsy pieces of garbage, crumbs, hair, etc. on the floor and putting them in her mouth. She isn't into eating too much or vidoes like Katie was (still is), though she has been showing an interest in Cherub Wings recently. She can say hi and bye and kudasai and folds her hands to pray. She can also say mamma and dada though I doubt she knows what it means."Bite, please.." Doing her most favorite thing; eating.
The many faces of Kristy

Check out my Einstien hair...haha.

Wedding Pics

Aiki and I did a bridal fair the last weekend..so here are some pics!! The hotel we did it at is a super nice place with a tiny little chapel overlooking the beach. We should`ve taken more photos as there were alot of nice spots, but for lack of time we were only able to take a few. These are pics from the 2nd day, as the 1st day we didn`t have too much time..though its was probably a good thing we didn`t take pics on the 1st day as my make-up was a bit too exciting (read-frightening) that day. Though my headress in these pics is pretty exciting as well. The ladies doing my hair and make-up insisted that the rather large halo thing around my head was the cutest thing. I should`ve taken it off for the photos, but I couldn`t really as it was secured with a million bobby pins. Don`t mind the incredibly poofy dress and the tons of fake hair either...I`m pretty sure some Japanese are into it. Thanks to James for the great pics.Here are some nice shots in front of the chapel overlooking the beach. You can`t see too much of the beach though...too bad.

We are sewwww coool..haha

Some "kissing" photos. We had to really strain ourselves in order to get our lips to meet. Aiki had to bend real low and I`m straining my neck upwards..

Here`s some of Aiki carrying me. He held me for a few seconds before nearly dropping me. The weight of the dress plus my pregnant frame (not to mention the helmet of a head piece) was too much for him.

Us in the doorway. Notice the nice green exit sign at the top..haha. No time to edit any photos
Me in my full glory of white make up and fake pearls

These were supposed to be the "romantic" shots...but my nostrils are flaring a bit so I don`t think they turned out how they were supposed to.


Here`s how it looks with the veil over my head (looks kind of like mosquito netting).

The gorgeous beach


Shig came over for one of our vacation days and took me out hunting with him. It was pretty awesome...even though we came back without having shot at anything...apparently Shig only shoots things that he's going to eat (which isn't a bad policy). We started down this mountain and towards the bottom we realized we had just walked into some inoshishi mudpool and after looking at the tracks, Shig figured that there might still be one around. We were in pretty much the worse possible location (in a hunter's point of view) but we figured if we moved we'd probably scare them off. So we decided to stay put and just sit it out to see if any inoshishi would be dumb enough to stick their heads out. While we were waiting we saw a couple squirrels running around and then after waiting (for ages!) we suddenly started hearing noises everywhere! We figured that there were at least a couple inoshishis and we were just waiting for them to come out. I was trying to video it but due to the excitement of thinking that Shig might actually shoot something, my hand was shaking and I could hear my heart beating! ha. Shig said his heart was also pounding while he was aiming in the direction of the noise. Anyway, to make a sad ending short, the "thing" didn't come out and we were a little annoyed (modestly speaking) about having waited for about 2 hours in the same place. But yeah, overall it was exciting enough thinking that we might actually be able to shoot at something.
We also got to get a little excercize by moving this tree that was in middle of the "road". Shig wanted to see what was passed it so we spent about 30 minutes trying to haul this huge thing over the cliff. It wouldn't budge so Shig pulled out this tow rope and started towing it with his jeep. As you can see in the video...it was crazy! We finally got it off the cliff though...and then we were able to waste another 20 minutes finding out that it led to a dead-end! ha.

New Years

Ok, so this post should have been up a number of days ago, but when you're too busy sleeping and trying to enjoy vacation, there's really not that much time...honestly though, it's been pretty busy.
Anyway, our New Years home party was pretty fun. We played some games and the highlight for me was when, 1 minute before the actual countdown, I decided to yell out "Happy New Year" and everyone freaked out thinking they had missed the countdown!...this only works if you're the one leading the countdown...but everyone should try it sometime (If you're still immature enough to get off on things like that). That night was pretty crazy 'cause Kristy decided to wake up around 4:00ish when our YP party ended and Mary and I were ready to go to bed, so we ended up sleep at around 5:30. We got up the next morning at 8:30 'cause we were going to go to Chiba to hang out with Josh, Mike, Joanie, and Masa. Mom and Dad stayed with the kids back at home so that was a real blessing. We got to Chiba and after waiting around for a bit we were finally able to meet up with Josh. He took us out to eat at saizeria (the only family restaurant in Chiba city!) and then we went shopping. Josh bought Katie some presents (these slyvanian family animals and food thingys which Mary knew Katie would like but which, in my opinion, are a complete waste of money) and then we came home...which concludes our New Years day.
...A little PS to Josh:
Thanks for taking us out! It was great! We had a lot of fun and Katie just loved the new toys. She keeps wanting to play with them and she feeds the little animals the food and whatnot. Come visit again sometime.

Mike's pic

Joanie's pic

Check out Masa's "what is this" face

A little present for Mike! hahaha...we love you, Mike!

Well, yesterday we took the kids to Ueno Zoo. The kids just got over the colds so we were a bit hesitant to take them, but the whole time we were there the weather was great so we didn`t get cold and all. Katie loved it, though it was a bit of a walk and it was pretty crowded. The whole time she was looking forward to seeing the hippos (her new favorite animal..don`t ask me why), but we finally got to them, they wouldn`t turn around, so all we saw was their butts; big disappointment there. Some of these pics Shigeru took..

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