New Years

Ok, so this post should have been up a number of days ago, but when you're too busy sleeping and trying to enjoy vacation, there's really not that much time...honestly though, it's been pretty busy.
Anyway, our New Years home party was pretty fun. We played some games and the highlight for me was when, 1 minute before the actual countdown, I decided to yell out "Happy New Year" and everyone freaked out thinking they had missed the countdown!...this only works if you're the one leading the countdown...but everyone should try it sometime (If you're still immature enough to get off on things like that). That night was pretty crazy 'cause Kristy decided to wake up around 4:00ish when our YP party ended and Mary and I were ready to go to bed, so we ended up sleep at around 5:30. We got up the next morning at 8:30 'cause we were going to go to Chiba to hang out with Josh, Mike, Joanie, and Masa. Mom and Dad stayed with the kids back at home so that was a real blessing. We got to Chiba and after waiting around for a bit we were finally able to meet up with Josh. He took us out to eat at saizeria (the only family restaurant in Chiba city!) and then we went shopping. Josh bought Katie some presents (these slyvanian family animals and food thingys which Mary knew Katie would like but which, in my opinion, are a complete waste of money) and then we came home...which concludes our New Years day.
...A little PS to Josh:
Thanks for taking us out! It was great! We had a lot of fun and Katie just loved the new toys. She keeps wanting to play with them and she feeds the little animals the food and whatnot. Come visit again sometime.

Mike's pic

Joanie's pic

Check out Masa's "what is this" face

A little present for Mike! hahaha...we love you, Mike!


  1. aunty joan said...
    so umm....when are u guys gonna have one of those....."home councils"??
    Lily said...
    what is that supposed to be, a scratch?
    ditzydevil said...
    Kyaaaaa!!! These pictures made my day!!!

    And what is this hotness Mary is??
    wonderful i tell you...
    themountainchic said...
    HAHAHA yappari aiki ka...i was wondering why mary was talking about premature countdowns or what not...just couldnt picture it. figures...AHHAHA and your jokes..tsk tsk...

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