Our Christmas

Well, Christmas has past, but we haven't blogged about it, or posted any pictures of it, so that's what we are doing now! We already took a nice family photo this year, but we thought it would be nice to get one by the tree. We were planning on taking one after our home's Christmas Dinner, but lo and behold, Katie came down with a fever that afternoon and she was pretty sick and miserable the next few days. I spent all my energy cooking that day and the day before with no break, and that night Katie was up pretty much all night. Of course, Super Daddy woke up with both the kids that night so Mommy was able to rest...somewhat (admist the crying, moaning, coughing, and spitting up). Well, there aren't any photos from our Christmas Dinner because Aiki was watching Katie in the room and I was trying to recover from cooking all day..plus the batteries in our camera were dead. But we ate yummy chicken and stuffing, chirashizushi, french fries, crackers w/cheese, olives, ham, and pickles, tortillas with chicken, guacamole, refried beans and lettuce, super yummy salad with all sorts of things inside and blueberry pie, apple pie and coffee jello for desert. It was great, and Aiki really packed it all away.
These pictures we managed to take on the 31st of Dec, right before our New Years' Party. Katie stayed up till 11:00 that night, so in these photos she's still pretty awake and happy. Kristy on the other hand had a bad cold (note the redness under her nose), and was falling asleep in between photos. She just wouldn't smile. Oh well, at least we all got a picture under the tree and most of us are smiling.

These pics were taken another night, a bit earlier than the above photos..which is why Kristy isn't such a crank and is actually smiling.


  1. Babylove said...
    Mary, you look beautiful. I'm sure the food was awesome! Happy New Year to Youes! Hope to see you around. Come by our way if you're ever in the area!
    Alyx said...
    Haha! Katie looks like a drunkard! And you're wearing my shirt! (which you *cough cough* promised to *cough cough* pay for....)
    Mary said...
    That's so sweet Alisa. One day when Aiki gets a drivers' license we will visit.
    Ang, EVERYBODY PICKS ON KATIE!! I will not hear another word..
    And I'm very sorry about the money..if you want I can tell you the whole story. BUUT I'll have you know that right now dear mumsy has your money..I put it in her bank account a couple of days ago.
    Aunty Joan said...
    yeah, I was about to say that katie looks kinda drunk. hahaha.

    Excuse me, OUR shirt (hahah) Yeah, ang was gonna get some other funky color but I said to get purple.

    Im pretty much the fashion stylist in the famly...pretty much.
    Mary said...
    You wish...but I am into purple right now...and apparently so is Katie. Purple is her favorite color, she'll find purple on anything. She likes playing with my nail polish remover cap because its purple, and whenever I get the flannelgraph out, she always picks and carries around Elizabeth (story of Jesus' birth) because she's wearing a purple dress.
    themountainchic said...
    awww really?? purple?? thats soo sweet!!! awww look its me and poochies!! shes sucha cuutie!

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