Pics from Ueno Zoo

Well, yesterday we took the kids to Ueno Zoo. The kids just got over the colds so we were a bit hesitant to take them, but the whole time we were there the weather was great so we didn`t get cold and all. Katie loved it, though it was a bit of a walk and it was pretty crowded. The whole time she was looking forward to seeing the hippos (her new favorite animal..don`t ask me why), but we finally got to them, they wouldn`t turn around, so all we saw was their butts; big disappointment there. Some of these pics Shigeru took..


  1. PenuelFlux said...
    Wow, super nice blog. I really miss you guys! It's great to see the awesomely nice pictures.

    I'm in Taiwan now, hoping to return to Japan soon. Blessings!

    Lily said...
    Katie looks SO happy in the photos and in the one where that ram is standing up Aiki and Katie are making the exact same face.
    Alyx said...
    Haha, good ol' Japan. It's so funny seeing photos of all these petting, we run into goats, herds of cattle, and random rabid dogs all the time!

    It's so sad watching Katie grow up without me! All that important training she is missing out on!! tsk. One day I will visit and teach her the ways.

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