Howdy! Well, seeing as we haven't posted anything new for awhile and different stuffs have been happening, I thought I'd give a little update and, of course, post a few photos. Here's a few things that have been happening/have happened.

*Kristy is crawling! A miracle in itself, she is actually crawling properly, with both legs bent and everything! We thought it would never happen...
*Our home has the flu. Yup, we finally caught it. We thought we had it contained in one of our outer houses, but it has made its way, slowly but surely, into our very hallway. Please please pray our kiddos don't get it!!!
*My sweet sweet sister turned 18 yesterday, which is very weird for me as in my mind, she's still a little teenager. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOAN! May your 18th year be the ultimate year of fun, fulfillment, challenges, and MATURE boys..haha. ILY!
*My sweet sweet sister is also MOVING here! Yay!
*Aiki has been growing his hair out...this may not seem like anything important, but to me it is. I think he looks awfully funny, and if you see him, please tell him that he looks funny and that he should cut his hair. Thank you.
*Katie has been growing up real fast..She's learning lots and is getting cuter by the day. She now knows her colors, almost all her shapes, her numbers until 10, most of her body parts, most people's names in the home, her baby quotes, and can now read the word Meg (from her Meg and Tommy books)!. She loves her bible and life with grandpa books, videos, the color purple, hippos, getting her ears cleaned, coloring, songs, Grandpa and Grandma, and, of course, eating.
*Kristy is getting bigger and awfully cute as well as you can see. Her hair looks a bit funny, but I think it adds to her looks as she is quite a rascal. She is quite adept at finding tiny, itsy, bitsy pieces of garbage, crumbs, hair, etc. on the floor and putting them in her mouth. She isn't into eating too much or vidoes like Katie was (still is), though she has been showing an interest in Cherub Wings recently. She can say hi and bye and kudasai and folds her hands to pray. She can also say mamma and dada though I doubt she knows what it means."Bite, please.." Doing her most favorite thing; eating.
The many faces of Kristy

Check out my Einstien hair...haha.


  1. Aunty Joan said...
    wow, katie is getting really big!! Kristina's hair is the bomb, hahaha hilarious stuff.

    And whats this talk about me not being able to tell anyone that im moving there until I get an offcial letter? And here u are stealing my thunder by writing about it on ur blog!!! geez....at least u called me "sweet sweet". U know ur whole post is under a URL, u needa select all of the words u typed up and click the "break link" button.

    Aiki...ur ugly. That should do the trick!!! hahaha
    Kari said...
    OMG I love the photo of Kristina's hair!
    Lily said...
    AHahaahaa...kristy's hair!!! soo cute!!! katie...meg tommy..haha! katie is so cute..so so cute!
    Prister said...
    Aiki, you REALLY need to cut your hair...like massively!

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