Shig came over for one of our vacation days and took me out hunting with him. It was pretty awesome...even though we came back without having shot at anything...apparently Shig only shoots things that he's going to eat (which isn't a bad policy). We started down this mountain and towards the bottom we realized we had just walked into some inoshishi mudpool and after looking at the tracks, Shig figured that there might still be one around. We were in pretty much the worse possible location (in a hunter's point of view) but we figured if we moved we'd probably scare them off. So we decided to stay put and just sit it out to see if any inoshishi would be dumb enough to stick their heads out. While we were waiting we saw a couple squirrels running around and then after waiting (for ages!) we suddenly started hearing noises everywhere! We figured that there were at least a couple inoshishis and we were just waiting for them to come out. I was trying to video it but due to the excitement of thinking that Shig might actually shoot something, my hand was shaking and I could hear my heart beating! ha. Shig said his heart was also pounding while he was aiming in the direction of the noise. Anyway, to make a sad ending short, the "thing" didn't come out and we were a little annoyed (modestly speaking) about having waited for about 2 hours in the same place. But yeah, overall it was exciting enough thinking that we might actually be able to shoot at something.
We also got to get a little excercize by moving this tree that was in middle of the "road". Shig wanted to see what was passed it so we spent about 30 minutes trying to haul this huge thing over the cliff. It wouldn't budge so Shig pulled out this tow rope and started towing it with his jeep. As you can see in the was crazy! We finally got it off the cliff though...and then we were able to waste another 20 minutes finding out that it led to a dead-end! ha.


  1. Babylove said...
    Holy Moly, that's pretty cool. Can you own a gun? Too bad, I hear inoshishi is pretty good stuff. But you gotta admit that's quite the get up. Do you have to wear the bright stuff.
    jona said...
    haha aiki ur sucha weirdo.
    Leika said...
    Thrilling, just a tad bit of 'excite' for our ordinary lives...tell this to anyone one else and see if they'd be more wowed to hear just how many kidz you have, ;)
    The.Walrus said...
    Pssh no laughing at my get up! I wear orange because it brings out my eyes!
    Anonymous said...
    You should go hunting at night with night vision goggles, that's when the animals are really active.

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