Wedding Pics

Aiki and I did a bridal fair the last here are some pics!! The hotel we did it at is a super nice place with a tiny little chapel overlooking the beach. We should`ve taken more photos as there were alot of nice spots, but for lack of time we were only able to take a few. These are pics from the 2nd day, as the 1st day we didn`t have too much time..though its was probably a good thing we didn`t take pics on the 1st day as my make-up was a bit too exciting (read-frightening) that day. Though my headress in these pics is pretty exciting as well. The ladies doing my hair and make-up insisted that the rather large halo thing around my head was the cutest thing. I should`ve taken it off for the photos, but I couldn`t really as it was secured with a million bobby pins. Don`t mind the incredibly poofy dress and the tons of fake hair either...I`m pretty sure some Japanese are into it. Thanks to James for the great pics.Here are some nice shots in front of the chapel overlooking the beach. You can`t see too much of the beach though...too bad.

We are sewwww coool..haha

Some "kissing" photos. We had to really strain ourselves in order to get our lips to meet. Aiki had to bend real low and I`m straining my neck upwards..

Here`s some of Aiki carrying me. He held me for a few seconds before nearly dropping me. The weight of the dress plus my pregnant frame (not to mention the helmet of a head piece) was too much for him.

Us in the doorway. Notice the nice green exit sign at the top..haha. No time to edit any photos
Me in my full glory of white make up and fake pearls

These were supposed to be the "romantic" shots...but my nostrils are flaring a bit so I don`t think they turned out how they were supposed to.


Here`s how it looks with the veil over my head (looks kind of like mosquito netting).

The gorgeous beach


  1. aunty joan said...
    AWWW!!!! so pretty!!! I like this photo the best:
    You were just missing the bride maid's.....AHEM AHEM AHEM!!

    and your make up is REALLY nice, light colors matches you better. but that makeup lady....why does she have to wear a mask to put makeup on?? kinda creapy.

    But anyways....SO PRETTY!! Mama's going around the house, "Gosh, this is a big event!!! We need to send to our relatives..." and giggle after every photo.

    yeah, maybe aiki looks spiffy in that suit...Im not so sure tho.
    Lily said...
    That is so cool! You guys both look great! If I get married I want to have a wedding.
    Dave said...
    Yay, you should do it again and invite your family. Just think, a free wedding ceremony.
    Florence said...
    Mary they made you look real Japanese, maybe it's the make up. All of a sudden you look like Katie.
    Jewel said...
    awww sooooo cute and sweet! I was like OMG AWESOME they had a wedding for 10 minutes before actually reading ... lol ... so pretty!
    PMA said...
    How nice. The photos are very "my dad" style...GB him. I'm sure if he had his way, and more time, Aiki, you'd have to carry Mary around for longer (must work out more, huh?, ha) and have you try all kinds of exciting poses. Cheers to my daddy and his photography :D Love you guys.
    Meg said...
    oh yeah, so that was from Meg, not from PMA.
    Akari said...
    is this james camera? you guys look all glowy!! naww..joanie..i dont like this make up on mary so much..its too japanese! but you guys look really cute...aiki looks a bit funky! but yeah! cant wait till you have your real one!! you Better Invite me AIKI! lol!
    daddy said...
    Mary Mary beautiful

    thats my girl

    Dawnie said...
    So beautiful, Mary!!
    I love Aiki's Prince Charming face (the big grin). Looks like he stepped out of a parade at Disneyland.
    Lulu said...
    Beautiful pictures. Where did you get married??

    I am getting married soon too (to a Japanese guy also) but it will be here in Australia.
    Babylove said...
    Great pics & photo op. But I totally know what you mean about the "white make up" I don't know what the Japanese thing is for white skin. I found some of me from ours that looked positively ghastly. You look great though Mary.
    mark said...
    Great photos guys. looks like fun.

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