Feast Celebration Pics

We had an awesome dress up thingie for our Feast Celebration...probably one of the best dress-ups we've had here. Everyone was really creative and came up with some cool costumes. The theme was "couples" as you can obviously see. We had prizes for the 3 "best" couples (exemption from "all hands on deck" dishes that night) with Aiki, Yuka, and Miki being the judges (they organized the whole ending celebration thingie). I'm sure it was pretty exciting with each "couple" doing a little presentation for everyone...I could hear everyone laughing and clapping from the kitchen. The food was great...all my favorite things (which is why I chose to have them on the menu..haha). Big hand to Shun, Nao, and Nozo who did the lion's share of the work as opposed to me trying to be a help waddling around our massive slippery kitchen (why am I so big at 5 1/2 months???). Anyways, enjoy the photos. I hope no one here minds that I'm posting them..well, if any of you see your photo here and don't want it up, just let me know and I'll take it down.
-The 3 "winners":
Jeremy and Steve as John Smith and Kokoum (and Nozo as Pocahontas...they asked her to join to make their team a bit more "complete"...)

John and Okasan as Teru teru bozus (hmm..is that how you would write it?)
James and Josh as Brian and Cormac (James' costumes was pretty awesome..you can't really see the whole thing in this photo)
-The next 3 were my favorites (though I think Steve's team was probably the best...)
Marie and Tabitha as Kuzco and Pacha from "Emperor's New Groove"

Kazu and Aika as the Apostle Peter and the "Holy spirit"...As you can see, in one photo Peter is praying for the spirit and in the other photo the "spirit" descends upon him.

Taka and Kastuya as Horace and Jasper from "101 Dalmations"

Mary and Jan as Watcher and Haven
Matt and Stacie as God and the Holy Spirit
Shinji and praise as an antichrist soldier and Heaven's Girl
These 2 "couples" (Maria, Emi, Meg, and Sophie) teamed up to be Cinderella, and the wicked step-mother and sisters. Poor Katie really wanted that purple shoe and kept trying to get it while they were trying to do their presentation...
Nao and Hiromi as a Chef and "food"
Yuki and Yuka as Pinnochio and Fairy
Jerusha and Ken as Napoleon's Wife and Napoleon
Otosan and Phoenix (puurrrty!!) as Jesus and His bride
Elia and Miki as a frog and a princess
And lastly..Aiki and Georgi as Black and White. Poor Katie was horribly frightened of "papa" in his get-up. She was pretty scared of James as Brian too..Actually tonight she was freaking out crying during bed-time because of the "scary people" as she calls them. I've never seen her so scared...I'm praying this fear doesn't last.
And some photos of the FOOOD! Chocolate cakes I made...this one looks a bit "diseased"...haha. As you can tell I'm not too into decorating...

Shun made the sandwiches (which is why they look so nice...) and pasta, Nao was the champion "fryer" with the fries and kara age (AND..the coffee jello), Nozo made that awesome looking bread, and I did the cake, salad, and h'oderves and chips (like I said...the sissy work)


  1. Aunty Joan said...
    hahahahah maaan, those pictures were the best!!!!! HCS dress up nights are always fun....me can't wait.

    Poor katie!!!
    Chris Knoke said...
    hilarious costumes and concepts! How were the teams devided? You guys really go all out with your parties huh? Look at that food! Wish I coulda been there.
    ROB and PREM said...
    That looks like heaps of fun,
    good pics mary
    Florence said...
    OMG Nao and "Food" was the absolute best. GBY guys!!
    Anonymous said...
    Wow... that looks like so much fun!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Marz said...
    aww, such fun! How come we never had a massive dress-up like that when I was there...oh well! Nice creativity. I love Marie and Tabitha's costumes.
    Kari said...
    Eww, whats with the word verification? I hate that stuff.
    Anyways, on to the post. I agree with Florance, "Nao and Food" is the best!
    I love Marie's outfit & character -you couldn't have chosen a better person to play the part. -Perfect !
    Joan said...
    haha, the word verification is to stop spam from being randomly posted here.

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