Treasure the Treasurers

Here`s some pics from last night..
We had our "Treasure the Treasurers" event; a little late, I know, but it kept getting post poned for different reasons, and we figured better late than never. It was great. Hiromi and Kazu cooked for us and we all ate at Lydia`s. The food was soooo good, thanks you guys!! We were served dish after dish and drink after drink, and after all that there was done and eaten a huge cake and tons of ice-cream was served. Big thanks to Hiromi, Kazu, Josh, Steve, Stacie, Phoenix, and John for cooking, setting-up, serving, cleaning up, and for the music. Also, big thanks to Kazu for watching our kids so we could eat in peace :).
The incredibly massive ice-cream that was served Our entertainment for the night
The equally massive cake we were served as well

Here`s a slightly red Aiki and a "can`t tell whether she`s pregnant or just fat" me
Check out Stem`s eyeballs in the back...haha
One of the many dishes we were served
One half of the room
And the other half... (minus Aiki)
One of our handsome waiters
Here`s Shun, entertaining the women...


  1. Joan said...
    haha, ur wearing the hand-me-down shirt!! It was robin's, then angs', then mine...ahah and now urs. I didn't know if you'd keep it or not.

    why are the boy's growing out their hair????
    Florence said...
    "Shun, entertaining the women..."
    And Uncle James...
    Steve's hair just isn't getting better is it.
    Dave said...
    Someday we'll have to do something for us hard working non CC folks.
    Sun said...
    Oh nice! GBY guys! Our home gave us, 4 full-time teachers half day off and send us to eat out sushi the other day!
    Marz said...
    Aiki, you look so different with longer hair. Reminds me of pics I've seen of you when you lived in Sydney. I don't know if that's a good thing.. I'm kidding ;) You'll always be a sexy man.
    And Steve,... uhhhh lol

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