Here's some photos from recent random happenings...
The first ones are from one of Aiki's friend's wedding we went to at this gorgeous park in Shinjuku...

And here's the first course of our meal at a super tiny super ritzy Chinese restaurant. I had a real hard time eating the you can see there's some jelly fish, a brown boiled egg and a snail looking thing. The beef sashimi was the only thing I ate from this plate. They also served a sweet and sour with salmon and paprikas (that combination was a bit too much for me), a shark soup which was real thick and that tasted like the ocean, a mabodofu which contained some kind of incredibly strong spice that I couldn't handle, and a large fish meatball in fishy soup. I said, a bit weird for the stomach..
And here's Kristy looking all cute in her stroller

The whole lot of us...
My mommy and a frumpy Kristy
Aiki, doing the honors of holding the thingie that they sign in the end..
Kristy looks awful funny, doesn't she? I really wonder when that hair is coming down...
And the ultra "kakoi" Aiki...

Here's Kate, listening to some music..

These 2 are from when we went out to Coco's for Praise's birthday..yeeaahh, ok Aiki..

Katie being all cute
These are from the ED seminar...

Well, we were away for a week attending the ED seminar which was full of great material. The schedule was a bit hectic, especially when dragging 2 kiddos and stuff back and forth through long hallways. The schedule was a bit tight as well..we had to wake the kids up in the morning and from nap extra early to make it for breakfast and the afternoon meetings. I didn't know the kids could survive on such little sleep. Poor Kristy suffered for it though, she is so miserably sick right now. Kate had a ton of fun though, soo excited to to see "friends" and especially baby "Nona". Though she's been a bit insecure since being back, a lot fussier in general and always crying for"mamma".
Nyways, I'm determined to potty train her before the next baby is born...I have no idea what I am doing. I've never potty trained a kid before, or even helped my mom potty train any of my brothers and sisters for that matter. Any revelations or input on potty training is appreciated.
My mummy is visiting Japan from Mexico which has been fun. She hasn't been around long enough to nag me about stuff too much, so that's a big plus (haha). She'll be back here in a few days and stay till she leaves Japan.
...And then Joanie's moving here on the 7th of April, so we've got lots of work for her to do over here (heyyy Joan, wanna change a poopy diaper?) .
Oh yeah! and my other sister had her birthday on the 3rd! Well happy happy birthday Ang. Sorry so late! Oh well, you got to meet Mamma and Peter and had a crazy vacation at some ritzy hotel and everything, so I figure you're pretty happy bout that. Gosh..20...weird. Well love you, and come visit Joan and I sometime and we can have a happy happy reunion.
And here's some pics from here and there. Some are from the ED seminar, though we didn't take too many there..if anyone has pics of us from the seminar, pls send em..thanks!!

Us with Mike and Joanie. (what are you doing Mike?)
Me and my mumsy
Me and my red husband (that 1 whole can of beer.heeehee)
Us and Steve and Crystal (Gosh babe you r really pink aren't you?)
My proud husband
Us again..hmmm..and there's happy Jeremy with his broken finger in the background
My tweet naked one...
Mmmm..yum yum, nothing like bath water

Is it just me, or do my kids look nothing alike?

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