Here's some photos from when we went to pick A.Joan up from the airport. As you can see, Katie liked Joan right away...and now she likes her even more cause she does fun things that Mommy doesn't do with her (like skits for word time). Kristy on the other hand never really took to Joan. She doesn't like Joan's loud screaming and foolishness, plus she always takes her away from Mommy which makes things even worse. Oh well, Joan, hopefully with time she will warm up to you..haha

With Grandpa and Grandma at the airport
yeeaahhh..don't kiss me please!
Here's some photos of the Birthday Party we went to at Noda a few weeks back. As you can see Katie is really into her "friends" particularly Ryo and Ray. They came to visit for a week or so, and she was a bucket of tears when they left. These 2 are sooo cute together!

Here's a pic of the birthday kiddos from Kari's blog. As you can see, Katie loooves attention! And of course, cake.

Here`s a couple of recent photos from some happy spring events.
These first 2 are of Katie when I took the 2 girls flower picking in one of our friend`s garden. Kristy sat in her stroller picking flowers apart the whole time, while Katie plucked purple flowers from their buds and tenderly placed them in the basket. Every once in awhile she would come over with a yellow flower, insisting it was a "tanpopo". It was a very nice, albeit tiring experience (I had a hard time keeping my eye on her as she would get "lost" in the rows of flowers).
Here`s some pics from our impromptu hanami party last rest day. It was cold, and the food and drink ran out awful fast, but it was fun nonetheless. Thanks to Stemmie boy for making it happen (and to Marie and Miki for the guacamole).
All of us (minus Aiki) under the treeee
Aaand another one (this time, w/out Joshie)
AHHH! Even I`m frightened by this photo...
I`m posting this one so you can see our snackies...
Ahhh..let brotherly/sisterly love continue..haha
Cute Nozo and her beer
Stem and his salami
And woah! I don`t know what`s happening with Steve`s face (or should I say eyes) here..
These ones are from Family day; we decided to have our own hanami since it was such a beeautiful day..
Mommy and Kate
Daddy and Kristy
And lastly, here`s us, taking a photo of ourselves as our children pull up weeds and eat grass..haha, such negligent parents.

Well, our dear daughters turned 1 and 2 on the 29th and the 3rd. We had a simple little birthday party for 'em both and I made 'em happy little animal cakes. Katie was thrilled with the purple hippo cake, but Kristy couldn't have cared less about her cake. She was too busy eying and eating the strawberries. Katie was sooo happy about it all and that night in her sleep she sang happy birthday to herself, it was sooo cute! The next day she pointed to the dining room and asked for "more hippo cake", haha. The actual date we did the party was Kristy's birthday, so everyone was saying happy birthday to Kristy that day and the whole home sung happy birthday to Kristy and Katie was all upset about it all, saying "NO, no! Happy birthday KATIE, no Kristina!"
So, here's some photos from that as well as some other recent photos of the girlies.

These first pictures are of Kate modeling her new shirt from her great-grandparents... Check out her belly!! hahaHere's Katie..trying to copy the pose that Daddy is doing in the back (imagine Aiki sticking his hips to one side, snicker)
Now trying desperately to smile with her eyes open and her mouth closed..don't mind the diaper...
Tada! Got the smile and the pose! (Notice that she is still looking intently to the side of me; still trying her best to copy Aiki)
Here's a random photo Aiki took one morning. I think he wanted to get Kristy's hairdo on record (serious mohawk going on)
These next ones are of the girls modeling their new shirts from one of our neighbors.

Here's Kristy with a mouthful of cake ( I dunno how apetizing that orange food coloring was..)
Here's Katie successfully blowing some bubbles. Most of the time she was sucking in..I think she ended up drinking quite a bit actually..
Here's Kristy's cake..I guess its missing a mouth huh?
And here's Katie's. This one is missing its tail..
A very enthused Katie..
And a very "who cares" Kristy
Trying desperately to get a strawberry...most toddlers would be smart enough to use their hands to get one in their mouth..but not Kristy, apparently.
In other great, surprising, world-changing news; we're having a girl, in case you didn't know already...and she shall be called Kimberly...
Anyone have any ideas for a Japanese name?

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