Hanatsumi and Hanamis

Here`s a couple of recent photos from some happy spring events.
These first 2 are of Katie when I took the 2 girls flower picking in one of our friend`s garden. Kristy sat in her stroller picking flowers apart the whole time, while Katie plucked purple flowers from their buds and tenderly placed them in the basket. Every once in awhile she would come over with a yellow flower, insisting it was a "tanpopo". It was a very nice, albeit tiring experience (I had a hard time keeping my eye on her as she would get "lost" in the rows of flowers).
Here`s some pics from our impromptu hanami party last rest day. It was cold, and the food and drink ran out awful fast, but it was fun nonetheless. Thanks to Stemmie boy for making it happen (and to Marie and Miki for the guacamole).
All of us (minus Aiki) under the treeee
Aaand another one (this time, w/out Joshie)
AHHH! Even I`m frightened by this photo...
I`m posting this one so you can see our snackies...
Ahhh..let brotherly/sisterly love continue..haha
Cute Nozo and her beer
Stem and his salami
And woah! I don`t know what`s happening with Steve`s face (or should I say eyes) here..
These ones are from Family day; we decided to have our own hanami since it was such a beeautiful day..
Mommy and Kate
Daddy and Kristy
And lastly, here`s us, taking a photo of ourselves as our children pull up weeds and eat grass..haha, such negligent parents.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Kids are so qute with the flowers! And boy, you guys look so cold under the Sakura with beer.....
    Mary said...
    Please don't comment on my hair...or my face.
    Anonymous said...
    finally cut the hair...good on you.
    Tina said...
    So cool to see you with all growed up Aiki, I remember when you were tiny and matt was teaching my little brothers. You guys look great and congratulations!

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