Here's some photos from when we went to pick A.Joan up from the airport. As you can see, Katie liked Joan right away...and now she likes her even more cause she does fun things that Mommy doesn't do with her (like skits for word time). Kristy on the other hand never really took to Joan. She doesn't like Joan's loud screaming and foolishness, plus she always takes her away from Mommy which makes things even worse. Oh well, Joan, hopefully with time she will warm up to you..haha

With Grandpa and Grandma at the airport
yeeaahhh..don't kiss me please!
Here's some photos of the Birthday Party we went to at Noda a few weeks back. As you can see Katie is really into her "friends" particularly Ryo and Ray. They came to visit for a week or so, and she was a bucket of tears when they left. These 2 are sooo cute together!

Here's a pic of the birthday kiddos from Kari's blog. As you can see, Katie loooves attention! And of course, cake.


  1. Babylove said...
    So cute, what a crazy bunch of Aries. I'm gonna be hiding it out when they're all hitting puberty. YIIIIKES!! BTW Mary, did you see my comment about the coffee? (Sorry) Will try again next week. :) Take care.

    Invitation to dinner still open.
    Anonymous said...
    The picture of them drawing in the dirt is sooo cute... sigh, my sweet nephew.

    Aries are great people. Yes.
    Isamu T said...
    haha, ryo and katie are just chilling there...kristys disturbed look is great too
    MOM said...
    Kristina likes me, you know.... Kids looks so sweet!
    Leika said...
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooooo CUTE!!!Suweeeet monkeys!!! Katie, WE LOVE YOU!!! WE MISSES YOU HEAPS!!
    Lei said...
    And, we give a whole new meaning to 'Noda Parties', YAY!!

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