Busy, busy, bbbbusy

Well, things have been incredibly hectic recently. There`s so much to do, think about, and plan that I`m going nuts. I`m not too into posting personal plans and schedules on the internet, but suffice it to say that the rest of this year include happy things such as; Teen camps (meaning absent husband for some time, his mind and spirit absent during the time his body isn`t), New baby (Meaning prep for new baby; thankfully, most of that is done. Baby has a place to sleep, clothes to wear, bottles to drink, and toys to play with. This also means long sleepless nights filled with nursing, less time for anything and everything else, and a whole lots more laundry), Driving School (More absent husband, more research, prep, money...), Legal work(Many trips to different places, lots of phone calls, lots of forms, and of course, more money), Obtaining new, needed gismos and gadgets (a.k.a keitai, mp4 player, laptop, etc. and so forth which equates research, collecting...money, and spending needed time to personally familiarize ourselves with said gadgets. Can somebody puulease talk to Aiki about not spending half his life on his laptop and keitai???). Wow...that was a lot of personal info.
And all that to say this is on top of our regular ministries, all our home`s regular events and going ons, plus new home happenings, of course.
PLUS, our kiddos have been going through a time of crisis in their little lives recently. Kristy`s going through the "second-child-starved-for-input-and-attention" syndrome, which means she is stuck onto me like glue, wants to be read to, played with, and talked to every moment and second of the day. Katie`s going through the common syndrome of "terrible-twos" which has gotten pretty terrible recently with her "nos" getting more and more frequent, not to mention her incessant whining.
AAAnyways, all that to say, we are a happy and busy bunch; and to prove it, here`s some family day photos from our very first visit to the beach this year. It`s still a bit cold to swim, but we had plenty of fun playing in the sand, sitting in the sun, and drinking juice. We brought dear Auntie Jonah along, who we sent chasing after our parasol twice when the wind blew it away (in the end, we decided that parasols are a bad idea at a windy beach), thanks Joan! (hmm..there`s no pics of you for some reason..).
Here are the yummola pancakes super daddy Aiki made for our breakfast...they tasted a lot better than they look..really.Kate`s official new smile
And Kristy just being Kristy..
These girls ate a lot of pancakes..
Daddy and Kate..

Here`s Kristy who spent most, if not all, of her time trying to fill this bucket with sand using her hand. She would grab a handful of sand, pick it up, the wind would blow all but a few grains out of her hand, and she would place those few grains in the bucket. She had tonz of fun with this...
Here`s Kate, helping her out with her shovel.
And Aiki, digging a hole while trying to get a tan on his midsection at the same time (haha)
And PTL I`m officially huuuge..
It may look like I am abusing Aiki, but don`t be fooled. If you only knew what he just said...


  1. dave said...
    I know the real reason for Kristy`s whining, it`s because she misses me. :-)
    Lily said...
    The photo of you two fighting...well more like Aiki cowering, reminds me of other ppls...ehem! And I really like the last photo it's so cute your two girls happily playing and mommy daddy close by kissing...Aaawww kawaii!
    ditzydevil said...
    heres my email add. contact me about the books.
    Sun said...
    Wow Mary GBY. Sounds busy! Ganbatte! Anyway, pics are cute!
    Steve said...
    that last picture with the kiss and kids is actually pretty good...you should hang on to that one
    Dave said...
    You should seriously reconsider getting a netbook, it's cheap and reliable and does all the things you need it to do.
    BladeMaster said...
    looks like the kid on the left is eating sand while your smooching ahhahahaha.

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