Driver's test and aikido

On Friday I went to Tokyo to take my learner's (driver's) written test. I pretty much only studied the day before and when I took some practice tests (thanks for the tests, Aich) I got like 16 or 17 questions wrong! ha. So yeah, I wasn't too confident in myself. Thankfully the next day I had some time once I got to the place so I took some more practice tests and got only a few questions wrong. I figured I'd be able to pass so I was a little disappointed when the test results showed that I got 7 wrong (you can only get 5 wrong out of 50). For all of you in Japan that haven't taken your karimen written test, you can expect questions like this to come up: You should must slowing down near bend, but this is unnecessary if visibility is good (taken from the practice test).
Some of the translations were nuts and I couldn't quite get what they were trying to say...which could be why I ended up flunking. But it seems like quite a few others have had difficulty with passing the first time around. Anyway, I'll be going back to Tokyo on Tuesday to see if I have any better luck deciphering Japlish(please keep it in your prayers).
Besides my learner's test, I had an aikido performance today. Thankfully I was only suffering pain for around 20 minutes sitting Japanese style on the wooden floor (not something that I would recommend to anyone). Here are a few pics of it (and in case you're wondering, I'm not actually a black belt. My "sensei" just wanted me to wear the "hakama [skirt]" for the performance). Joan took the photos...thanks Joan. At least one of them turned out alright.
"Rei" (Japanese for "bow")

Me about to experience some pain


More pain...

Even more pain...

And of course I just have to be thrown at the end of it all

A small chance for revenge


  1. ROB and PREM said...
    mate I love u but I'm not gunna lie to u I wouldnt be putting that stuff on my blog... U failed your learners and got scissored by an old asian fellow. Mate harden up ;) lol
    Leika said...
    Haha, Hey Rob and Prem, Japan misses you. And Aiki, what a grand post! Gotta say, stick to the baby-making...seem to have lots more success with that.
    ROB and PREM said...
    lol too right leika hes a wonderful father and lover, Can't fight or drive tho.
    we miss u all too... heaps and heaps
    mark said...
    weird dude, the test seemed easy to me. I heard there are easy ones thou.

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