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Well, while Aiki's away at driving school, I've been having a whole lot more extra quality bonding time with my 2 toddlers. A little too much time Auntie Joan comes and saves the day every once in awhile, coming up with new things to do. Here's some pics of Katie's fun dress-up afternoon. She was utterly thrilled with her "princess who found baby Moses" get-up. I think that wig is actually the same one that one of the bathing women in the Treasure Attic is wearing. Hope you like the photos, baby! We miss youuuuu!
Here's Kate, in her graduation outfit. She wasn't too happy about this one..kept saying "too big, too big"and her hat kept falling off.
And in her "heidi" costume. Her big eye expression reminds me of my sister Katrina..its soo cute. Her new "thing".

Aaand, her favorite; the princess outfit. What do you think of the afro-hair, honey? haha
Watching the Baby moses song from Treasure Attic intently, copying the princess' every move..
And here's some special photos just for Aiki of the 2 girls being all affectionate with one another..their facial expressions really show their personalities. Sometimes they are sooo cute together!
And no..I didn't do her hair...

There's that "big eyes" expression again.
Kristy's kissing face.
Hmm..don't know what face Katie is doing here


  1. daddy said...
    my grandchildren are soooooo cute those pics together are just like the ones i took of you and angela when you were that age
    Leika said...
    Awwwwwwwww, what cuteness! Come visit us in the big bad city someday. xxx
    Aiki said...
    These are the best pics of Katie ever! I especially like the one of her in her "Heidi outfit". She's so cute!!!! Thanks so much for being such a good mommy while I'm away, Baby. I miss you and my little poochies waaaaaaaaaaay too much!
    Dave said...
    they're such cute monkies
    isamu said...
    too cute
    Anonymous said...
    Hahahaha I did her hair!!!
    Aich said...
    Too cute! I like those little Aries girls!

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