Happy Belated Birthday to my happy hunky husband!
I love you and I'm soo soo happy to be married to the most wonderful guy ever!
You are happy and handsome and an awesome husband and a super daddy to our kids!! Thanks for marrying me baby!! I looove youuu!!


  1. Anonymous said...
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIKI! Hope you have a great year with your beautiful wife and adorable children.

    Timna and Phil
    Florence said...
    Aiki makes me hungry. Like Cocos salad.
    David R. said...
    Happy belated birthday!

    In my case fruit salads tend to make me hungry. I hope that doesn't mean anything :|
    Sun said...
    Happy Birthday Aiki :) Yey, I remembered and won this year..hehe!
    You are such a cool guy and wonderful daddy!

    Nice photos Mary!
    Happy Birthday to you too!
    Anonymous said...
    looking good in a towel.was so close to remembering this year...have a great year
    Josh sakurai
    Mac said...
    Happy birthday man!!! Wish you the best! & get ur butt down here sometime soon!
    Anonymous said...
    I m so late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Youre a hottie Aiki (Mary you too) and one of the coolest guys I ve known. Love you,

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