Recent Pics

Here are some recent photos of the kids taken this past month. They are all from random events..
First off, here's some photos of Kristy, who, as you can see, has gotten incredibly fat and chunky this past month. She loves eating, drinking, and getting attention. She always wants to do what her older sister is doing (though Katie doesn't exactly enjoy Kristy always following her around), and she loves to just look at her baby sister (whom she calls 'mama' and occasionally 'baba'). Both her and Katie are teething, so they are constantly drooling and they stick everything in their mouths (including toys, books, fingers, blankets, furniture, etc.) which has been stressful for me as its quite tiresome trying to keep them from doing so.

Here's 2 from a beach trip with Daddy. Katie got to ride on a boat (and wear a life jacket) though she wasn't too thrilled about it all. I think she was a bit apprehensive and scared about the whole thing.

Here's a couple of pics from Get-out time with Marie..

And lastly some photos of Kimberly at 2 weeks. She is still a very good baby; rarely cries, and sleeps real well at night. PTL! She is awfully funny looking; like a white gaijin ojiichan or something.


  1. Seiko Hashimoto Barnes said...
    wow! This baby has blueish eyes! And it really does have a gaigin face! Doesn't look too much like the other two, but it has that same nose! ha! I love it!
    Aich said...
    She's adorable!

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