Happy Birthday to the best brother (sorry Gene…but it serves you right as you didn’t even remember my birthday). Sorry this is a day late--was gonna post it last night but our internet connection was down.

Thanks for always being someone who I could look up to and for being someone who I knew would always be there for me when I needed you. I can still remember running away from Gene (knowing that if he caught me he’d beat me up) and looking for you to protect me. Those were crazy times but it was great having my brother as my role model.

Anyway, enough with the sappy stuff…

Wishing you the best on your birthday, Shigs, and I hope you’re able to do all that you want to do this year. You need to bring Gene over here sometime during this summer and we'll have a BBQ at the beach.

Here are a few pics that I found in my photo folder. Enjoy! (You can get June to print and frame them on your wall, especially the second one!)

Thankfully something that I wasn't a part of

Definitely not how all Katos eat

This is the real Shigeru


  1. The.Walrus said...
    Thanks Bro! Was great seeing the new addition the other day.

    I'm wondering which dark hole those pictures crawled out of. When were those first two taken?

    We will have to kidnap the middle brother at some point for a proper BBQ this summer. Start looking for a good spot, no more high tide adventure spots please.
    Aiki said...
    Hahahaha. Yeah, hopefully we'll be able to go out on a day when the fire will actually light!...should probably leave June home just in case it's windy again.
    The Blowers Daughter said...
    You're such a fool! Leave me home if it's windy? I'll be the only sane person if it IS windy!
    Who can you count on to order Shiggs off on a beer run?! ;)

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