Well, it's that time...again. FDTP planning meetings are underway, and although Aiki is around (the meetings are being held here)...he's not really around, if you get what I mean. And all my kids are growing older. Katie is in the "wanting to do my own thing" stage and doesn't willingly obey anymore, and Kristy is just an all-round rascal going through the "no" stage. Whenever we are in the dining room she runs away and tries to get in the shower room, kitchen, or she will try and climb the stairs up to stage. Or, if she does stay in the dining room, she will, without fail, remove all the flowers from the vase on the low coffee table in the visitor area. Aaand, if I don't get to her soon enough, she will start eating them. So..yeah..pretty exciting. And Kimberly is getting older as well. Her fussy times are perfectly timed for nap time and night time (right after the kids go down, 9-12 at night woo-hoo!). So, no rest for the wicked...And Katie STILL isn't potty trained. If she is bored, sometimes she will ask to go on the potty and she usually pees, but she doesn't tell us on a regular basis...oh well, I guess she'll get it when she gets it. Aiki does this thing with Katie at night when he puts her on the potty; he pretends to make a cake with her and has a whole pretend eating party with her, naming all of her favorite foods and pretending to cook them and eat them. So, now, every time she goes on the potty before bed she'll do this whole "baking a purple hippo cake and putting it in the oven"'s pretty funny. So, here are some fairly recent pics...Joan is so proud of them..haha


  1. Joans said...
    aaaargh, after Dan told me that some of the photos are too dark at the corners...I'm starting to feel a bit uncomfortable looking at them now, and a bit embarrassed at the same time.

    But that first one is a BEAUT! A reeeal BEAUT!
    The.Walrus said...
    Good looking pics there, cept for the ones of the ugly dude at the end.

    Don't mind the critics too much, listen to the advice, but keep snapping away.

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