Some photos from the past month...
Kate is talking quite a bit now and gets into frequent discussions with Aiki and me, and is constantly correcting Kristy and Kimby (her favorites: "Kina, no eat with hand, eat with fork!" and "Kimby, no cry 'wolf wolf' okay?").
Kristy is getting to be quite a handful; she wakes up earlier than all of us and starts yelling "mama go! mama go!" while she frantically points at the door and then sounds out "bu!" while shoving her hands in her mouth, which is her way of saying 'breakfast'. She is quite loud and loves getting into trouble.
Kimby is getting older and coos and gurgles at you when you talk to her. She is quite the drooler, and is always shoving her hands in her mouth. Her hair was falling out quite a bit, so the other day I buzzed her head. Poor thing, she looks like a little sumo monk.
Anyways we had fun in August, it was a busy month (thus the lack of updates on this blog). Aiki's been totally engrossed in FDTP prep, and the 3 girls have been keeping me quite busy as well. Though, since we had friends over for vacation (theirs, not ours), we managed to squeeze in time for beach trips and late night hang-outs. Too bad we don't have any photos..dear sweet Jonah got into the habit of stealing our camera batteries (that, and the fact that our hands are pretty much always full with children, we never think to try and take a photo).
Oh well! Here are some photos from this month that we managed to take.

First off, here's some 'before and after' photos of Kimby. You can't really tell she has hair in the 'before' photos as the front part of her head is where her hair started falling off.

...and after

And for memories sake, I'm posting a photo of Katie when I buzzed her head..she was about 6 months old. See the resemblance?
Here's some photos of the festival. This is Kristy right before I'm about to feed her..
And this is how wide she opens her mouth for food..gosh I can almost see her tonsils.
The best family photo we were able to take. Kate was watching videos inside with Jerusha and her most favorite friends.
Here's Aiki..jumping in on someone else's photo, while holding our white bald babyAnd guess who was the poor person who had to sweat it out in the monstrous bear costume? hahaOn the way to the beach.. My sweet little girls..
Okayy so Kimby looks kind of funny. Its the only picture I have of all 3 of them.
And some random beach photos

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