November Pics

Here's some more recent pics of the kiddos. They are all getting so big! Kristina is definitely the chubbiest and eats the most of the three (as you can tell). Katie has recently been complaining about having 'growing pains' at night (or so we've deduced), Aiki and I both suffered from growing pains at night for most of our childhood and we know how painful it is, so please pray that Katie doesn't have to go through it for long! Kimby refuses to drink from a bottle, so it looks like she will be our longest nursing baby! She walks very well in the walker, eats bananas and apples (dislikes yogurt greatly), and is getting slightly attached to mama. Kristy is talking up a storm and is going through her 'no' stage, while Katie is learning lots and likes to please mommy and daddy as much as possible.

Me and Kristy, after a Birthday party..wouldn't Kristy make such a cute ballerina!?!?
And here's Kimby looking like a tired granmother..haha

And here's the 3 girls in their matching sweaters...awww :)


  1. Ryan said...
    I envy the mothers of children who pose perfectly when the camera comes around. Its BEYOND impossible to get either of my boys to sit and smile for the camera!!!
    You've got a handful of winners there!!!
    Lei said...
    Thooooooo cute!!! Looka kinda like 3 grandmas, eeek! Should try the same with my boys...Mary, did you cut your hair?????
    MOM said...
    Did you cut your hair, Mary? Kimy has same smile as Katie....
    Sun said...
    Cutie! I love their matching clothes :)
    Anonymous said...
    Oooo, Mary I think you should try a really short hairstyle! Btw, I'm still trying to grow mine out for you.
    Lily said... cut your hair!?
    Mary said...
    whaat what? No I didn't cut my hair (I guess it kind of looks like it huh??). Yea Kimby looks more like Katie than Kristy for sure. Heyyy Leika....they DON'T look like grandmothers (hmmm, ok, maybe they do). And Ryan I have no idea how Joan got them to sit still and to smile for the camera..

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