October Pics

Here are some photos from October of the kiddos. We've been doing good though we've had some sicknesses recently (pls continue to pray for Kimby's thrush and Kristy's canker sores to go away). Kristy is talking a whole lot more recently and Kate's been getting extra sneaky. Kimby's also growing up and gets bored often and needs lots of attention throughout the day. Christmas is coming up and Katie is looking forward to dancing with the older kids for the Christmas Performance this year (we'll see if she goes for it or not).

Kimby being a ballerinaCUTE!

Kristy doing 'nai nai, ba!'

Some face painting A.Jonah did.
And all 3 of them together...so sweet :)


  1. Lily said...
    Kim looks like your dad in the last few photo's...a true Jones all the way.
    Mary said...
    yeah I know, everybody says she looks like my dad

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