Some pics from recent 'happenings', mostly from the 'shows' Kate has been involved in (our home's Christmas Parties, rogin-homu, etc.). Also a try at taking a family photo, as well as pics of our ginormous Christmas tree and our awesome manger scene, which you can't completely see, but at least the star made it in the photo!

Katie and an ojichanKate and the kids pretending to be bunnies
"Kato Ayumi Katie desu, nisai desu"
Kate performing for our Christmas Party, she's sooo happy to get to do this!

Obviously a fail for a family photo..but can it get any better than this? We'll try again sometime...


New pics of the kiddos. Aren't they adorable? The first 2 are from a family day outing; we went to an autumn matsuri and the trees were just gorgeous. Next are some random shots of Kimberly (try and not notice the massive amounts of drool), and the last ones are from Katie's first show that she did. She enjoyed dancing with the older kids immensely and was very pleased with her tree 'crown' that she got to wear. Enjoy the pics!

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