New pics of the kiddos. Aren't they adorable? The first 2 are from a family day outing; we went to an autumn matsuri and the trees were just gorgeous. Next are some random shots of Kimberly (try and not notice the massive amounts of drool), and the last ones are from Katie's first show that she did. She enjoyed dancing with the older kids immensely and was very pleased with her tree 'crown' that she got to wear. Enjoy the pics!


  1. Lei said...
    Cutesters!! Katie is so growed up! And Kimby...looks like...I'll tell you in Skype.
    Kari said...
    Oooh I lOooooooooooove the photo of the one with the Christmas tree hat! She's so adorable! What's her name? :D
    Mary said...
    haha, I almost didn't post that one for fear that she only looked cute to family or those who knew her. Her name is Katie, she's the one that's Amelie's age.
    Kari said...
    Ha ha, nah, she looks so proud of herself, it's the kind of smile Amelie would make 'cept Amelie opens her eyes WIDE.

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