Thanks to Sam for taking the pics! :)

We are just getting over the chicken pox. Kristy had a really light case, wasn't much of anything, but Katie had a day or 2 where all she did was cry, poor baby had huge sores on her body :(. But now she is doing better, and the spots are all scabbed over, so that is a relief.

Here's a pic I took of Kate and Aiki...they both sleep with their mouths open
Kate--getting over the chicken pox
Here's some of the shows that the girls did before they came down with chicken pox

This is their ending pose..I love how the older kids are doing it exactly right, while Kayden poses right in front of all of them and Kristy ends facing the back
So sweet!

Old Pics

No new photos to post yet, though there should be some soon. The 2 older girlies have been doing a few "shows", singing and dancing at different places, but I haven't gotten any photos from them yet. But I figured I should update this with something as I haven't posted anything in awhile. I tried uploading the cutest video of Kimbers, talking up a storm, but our internet is too slow, so I'm going to have to stick with photos. Most of these pics were taken in November.

On one of our trips to Nambo Paradise..I loove Kimby's face!
Kate was pretty thrilled to hold the guinea pig..until it started moving

Kristy trying to give an angry face

She looks like a little boy in this pic
And the 3 girls in their new sweaters from their great-grandparents..their favorite "Dora"
Yeeeah..not such a good photo of them
And Taiki and Kimbins

Some pictures of the girlies from the past couple of months from Jan's camera. They are just too cute, especially Kimbins with all her different facial expressions. She is talking so much now and says a new word almost every day.

Here's Aiki with a massive fish he caught with his spearAnd a funny picture of Kate
Kate's "class"..I love the expressions on their faces..haha
Kate with her racket
She's such a girlie girl
And Kristy--our brown ethnic child (she's still this brown btw)

Sucha cutie
And Kimbins

Her "class"--sucha cute sad face

And with Taiki bean...CUTE! Reminds me of Kate and Ryo when they were this age
Come this way!
And with her cute bunny ears

Saying a serious prayer

Well A.Joan left us yesterday, and she STILL hasn't made it to El Paso yet (boy, will she be tired when she arrives!). We went out to eat with her for one last time and we took the kiddos to a real park while Joan took some last pictures of the girlies with her super camera. We will miss her (and her camera).Kimbins, waiting for her food
The girls loved the slide..especially this girl

Kimbers, crawling around

And a grumpy Aiki :)

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