Soooo cuuute!!


This little munchkin...
Got her first 2 teeth in!!

Can you see them?

Hurrah for Kimby!!

In one section of the zoo, there is this place you can walk in where they have ducks and these large rat like creatures called capybaras. These guys were everywhere in the zoo, in random cages with llamas and donkeys and other animals. In this particular pen, you could walk in and pet's shots of the girls and their reactions to the large rat-like creature.

First, here's Kimby..
Eyeing the creature..

She actually touched it in the end...ewww!
Kristy was the most afraid of all 3 of them..
Check out her face!!

She refused to touch it, look at how clenched her fist is...

Now Katie...first she was ok to touch the 'thing' with her fingertip...literally..
It was all good..
Until the thing turned around to face her
THEN she freaked out...

Zou no Kuni!

One day out of 5 for me with the children all day loong (like a REAL mom, haha!), the funnest and probably the most exhausting (left home at 9:45, came home at 7:15). The girls loved it though, so I did too. I think this is a great place for kids to go; not too crowded and you really get to get up close and personal with the animals, as you'll see in the photos, which is great fun for the kids (not so fun for the grown ups, who aren't too into smelly creatures). Thanks Tabitha, Aika, and Yuki for letting us go a long with you and for helping us out with the girls, tanoshikatta!
The lion..I don't think I've ever been so close to a lion in my life...
The zebra..check out its eye. Only one eye was like this..maybe it was blind in one eye(?). Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool..
Kate feeding the rabbits. It was a big trial for Aiki to take the 2 older girls in the pen to feed the rabbits while I nursed Kimby, as the rabbit weren't exactly the nicest smelling animals in the zoo.

Kate, slightly hesitant of getting too close to the camel..
Tabitha, encouraging her to get closer so daddy could get a photo of her with the camel.
"It's too scary!"
"Daijyobu da yo Katie"
Then, the camel nudged Katie with an open mouth and his tongue hanging out, to which Katie promptly screamed and ran away and Aiki snapped this pic before wiping the camel saliva off her jacket..haha..
Kate's favorite thing at the zoo after the elephants and the hippo (and the ducks, of all things), was this statue of a zebra. So we dragged Kristy in with us and took a ton of photos...

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