MORE Christmas pics!

Aaand, here's one more batch of Christmas photos that I've gathered from different people's cameras. First off, is our try at a Family photo during our home's Christmas you can see, we failed again...oh well! Can't say we didn't try! :)

Take 1...Kristy is looking away, Katie is looking down..

Hmm..Kimby looks squashed
Uhh.Kimby is looking down, Katie is trying to make life difficult for us, Kristy thinks it's funny and we are trying our darnest to not laugh at our ridiculous attempt at taking a decent family photo.
Not bad..though Kimby still looks squashed and Kristy is looking afar off

AAaand this is the best one of them all, though Kristy's face really ruins it all. We'll ask Joan to photo shop another pic of her face in and see if that'll work.
Here's Kate, lighting her candle for a Christmas Eve 'service' type thing we did

here's a few shots from our annual Christmas Party for our friends

Kate; waiting in the dressing room for a show at another Old Folks' Home
Aiki, Kate, and one of our friends
Doing the dance once more!
Kate, bringing a birthday cake to one of our friends whose birthday is on the 25th

The girlies and daddy in the middle of opening Christmas presents in their PJs after our Cmas dinner. Ever been in a room where 50 plus people are opening their Christmas presents all at the same time? I love it! It's utterly fun chaos..
Aiki, being a waiter
Kimby being santa

The kids in front of the tree..check out Kate's smile..looks just like my mom!! haha

And some MATCHA CAKE!! Promptly got sick in bed right after making 80 servings of these...don't mind the gigantic holes in the side of the cake, why you times a recipe by too many , THAT's what happens! Just didn't want to make so many batches as I was being laaazy! Baking was a total disaster this year :(, this was one of many fails..

And lastly, a suuuper cuuute photo of Kristy taken by Mike...awwww


  1. Anonymous said...
    You did pretty good on photo session with 3 little kiddos. And macha cake loooks very yummy! What is the red stuff on it? Can you make me one if I make it there again? I don't see me in Katie's smile though.... Our vacation is over today.... Hope you have a good one!! much love, MOM
    Anonymous said...
    That cake lookss.....AwEsOmE!!!
    I am telling you it WAS NOT a failure!! Your sista,
    Flo, po.....Gosh Poanice sticking that name on me are you??
    Mary said...
    yeahh..we tried, but the kids started freaking out after awhile, so we just gave up. The red stuff is dried cranberries..
    Are you going to come again this year?

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