A post for Kina

I always post a ton of photos of Kate, as she is simply easier to take photos of as she is more cooperative. Kristy, on the other hand, is a complete and utter nightmare to try and take photos of. She moves wayy to much and rarely, if ever smiles with her head turned towards the camera. SO! I was very happy when I found these shots of Kristy on our camera. I think Jan snapped these while having a little 'Kristy' time in their room (Thanks Jan!). I love these pics cause they reeeally show Kristy's personality (at least I think they do anyway). Enjoy!


  1. Lei said...
    Again, the first word that comes to mind, CUTESTER!!! Definitely an Aries 2nd child, ha!
    auny toan said...
    haha her mouth is ALWAYS opened
    Jan said...
    Yeah, I took those photos but thought none of them came out because she:s constantly opening her mouth and making weird faces and moving around. I:m glad you like them and posted them. -Jan
    The.Walrus said...
    haha she looks just like Aiki did when he was a baby :)

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