Zoo Extra: The Capybara

In one section of the zoo, there is this place you can walk in where they have ducks and these large rat like creatures called capybaras. These guys were everywhere in the zoo, in random cages with llamas and donkeys and other animals. In this particular pen, you could walk in and pet them...here's shots of the girls and their reactions to the large rat-like creature.

First, here's Kimby..
Eyeing the creature..

She actually touched it in the end...ewww!
Kristy was the most afraid of all 3 of them..
Check out her face!!

She refused to touch it, look at how clenched her fist is...

Now Katie...first she was ok to touch the 'thing' with her fingertip...literally..
It was all good..
Until the thing turned around to face her
THEN she freaked out...


  1. Alyx said...
    haha these photos are hilarious!
    Anonymous said...
    Hahahaha, so funny!!

    Anonymous said...
    perfect photos! haha!! Soooo cute!
    Anonymous said...
    you guys should get a capybara for a pet. They look like a mixture between a prairie dog and rat.

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