Happy Family Birthday!!

Pics from our Family birthday celebration. We had a barbeque, played some games, and had a costume party.
I had a fever the day before so I didn't make it to the outside games part--but here's some pics of the rest.

Barbeque--our over eager cook.

Kate couldn't wait and started eating from Aiki's plate when I wasn't looking.
Kimbs, eating the only thing without taste-white rice.
..which she soon got bored of..
Kristy--only interested in the juice
Kimbs--full and satisfied..CUUUTE!
Joan and a rather tired me

Costume Party--Snowman, 2 Heidis, 1 Peter, and 1 spotted sheep :)
Doesn't Kristy make the cutest Peter?
And some other costumes--Yoda
Jimi Hendrix
Michael Jackson
And some more of us--cause Kristy is too cute in boys clothes :)

Kate and Kristy were pretty terrified of Aiki--he had to take the wig and beard off pretty much right away.

Can you guess what the theme was? There were some other crazy costumes which I'm not posting--I would probably guess Halloween if I didn't know what the theme was :)


  1. Sun said...
    Wow! You guys so into it! BBQ looks great and everyone looks amazing!
    Dawn said...
    Mary, looking so fab in that Switz costume!! I'm so lovin it;D
    Leika said...
    Looooooooove Kristy and Mary you look ooooooooooooutrageous!!!
    MOM said...
    Kids look so qute, specially Kristy! I liked her hair..... MOM
    Mary said...
    Gee thanks! :) Aiki was trying to get me to dress up as a sheep :(...I told him nooo way!
    And kristy is wayyy too cute

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