A few recents of Katie and what she's been up to recently.

One of her most favorite things to do recently is play with this piano. On occasion, she'll tell me to "stand over there and dance" while she plays the keyboard (by playing the 'demo', speeding up the tempo and pretending to play). She insists she is part of Kando Bando.
Another favorite--playing with purple sand, this time she played with this stuff for about an hour. And even then she cried when I told her it was time to clean up.

Face painting with Marie--what else but a purple hippo.

Awhile back we went to Dino park together. Kate and Kristy were totally scared of both dinosaurs and Kristy never got over her and sat by herself in the gazebo quite a ways away. Katie was fine on this dinosaur (not the other one though--which does look a bit scarier), as long as Aiki or I was with her.


  1. Aich said...
    Kawaii! She kinda looks like Nonas. Come visit.
    Mary said...
    yeah, she does. It's the white skin and the thicker eyebrows (from their daddies I suppose..haha). I do think Katie has forgotten Nona though :(

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