We took a 1 day trip to visit Sam and Leika's kids for the girls' birthdays. It was a bit early to be celebrating their birthdays, but it seemed to be the best time to go visit, so we did! All of us had a lot of fun and it was a nice change to go into the city after being out in the middle of nowhere for so long (speaking entirely for myself on this point)! It wasn't as exhausting as I was expecting it to be--probably partly because I'm not pregnant this year (after 3 pregnancies in a row), and partly because the people we visited were very wonderful in that they gave us a nice room to stay in, cooked for us and pretty much cleaned up after us (thank you Dawn!). Kate and Kimbs were soo excited the whole time they were there, while Kristy didn't seem to realize anything was new or different and was pretty content to sit next to mommy and talk and read books and eat snacks. It was a great trip and we are hoping to go visit again sometime soon :).

Pancakes for breakfast!Kimb's first love. You should've seen Kimbs the first time she saw Taiki--she started freaking out screaming and clapping 'kudasai' and trying to grab him and touch him, it was soo cute!

Went to play and have a picnic at a REAL park!

Kate was scared of the slide

Playing games with daddy :)
Party Time! Leika dressed the girls up in this majorly frilly dresses, and they got to try out a trampoline.

So sweet!

The cakes

Check out the masterpiece by Marie!
All of the happy kids
Ooohing and aaahing over the cake

Blowing out the candles.
Awww..and look at that..soo cute!


  1. Sun said...
    Oh wow! Fun fun!!!
    Too bad that I missed that but glad to know you guys had exciting time with matsuoka's :) cheers!
    Lily said...
    Ok, I'm sorry but when Katie smiles, she looks Just like your mom and Kimberly looks JUST like your dad!
    Alyx said...
    oy mary when is ur wedding?
    Mary said...
    May 23rd, are you coming??

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