Cocos and teeth brushing

We had some of Aiki's relatives over for a visit from Australia so we went out to eat at, where else, Cocos. We got there around the girls' nap time, so they were quite tired and were being extra foolish. It turned out to be quite entertaining as we watched the girls get really tired and really foolish. Here's some of the pics Joan took while we were there;

My sweet Kimbs..
Saying 'hi'..
Kina, eating her sausage...
Drinking her fifth cup of juice..
Bored of eating and drinking..decides to color..
Bored of coloring..."Look Moms!"
Kate, trying out a mini squid
Joan captured her ecstatic face when she realized the squid was, in fact, purple...
Kate and her massive parfait..
My loves...awwww..
"Daddy, how about you eat some of Mommy's or Kristy's now?"
And some of Kristy getting her teeth brushed. Her face is just sooo cute every time I brush her teeth so I asked Joan to take some pics...
Just look at that face!
Wayyy too cute!!
Showing off her new pink piggy slippers
Very happy to be the center of attention..


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