My girls love drawing/painting/coloring. They use whatever they can get their hands on; pencils, pens, crayons, markers, chalk, etc.

This little girl is getting quite good at it...Her favorite thing to draw is faces...
She just recently started adding bodies to her faces, and the other day she drew a hippo too (didn't take a pic though...)
Kina can draw for almost 30 mins at a time..

Though most of what she draws isn't recognizable as anything...
...to her it means something and always describes exactly what it is she is drawing.
Apparently, this girl loves to draw as well! Either side of the pencil works fine for her, and she switches back and forth...
It's soo cute the way she tries to draw...
...though you really have to watch her as she still does things like this...
... and this
Such a cutie.



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