Kina beans

Her 'f's are 'p's;
"I eat all my pruit!"
"OH, special snack por me? Por Kina? Por myself? OH, Thank you!"
"Owww, my peet is owie, my peet!"
"I'm a little bit too poolish, moms, just a little bit too poolish".

Her recent stage;
Me: Kina, can you come here, it's time to go potty.
Kristy: No moms, I can't. I can't go pee. I said...I CAN'T!

(Kristy walking down the hall, walks past Shun who is eating a bowl of rice, stops and holds 1 finger up):
"Shun, can I have a bite, just one bite, only one bite."

(Every night I ask Kristy and Katie who will get ready for bed first, and they always say the other girl's name, though in the end I always have Kristy get ready for bed first as she doesn't really care too much, she just likes to bother Katie by saying Katie's name. So I thought that it wasn't too fair for Kristy so the other night I told them to decide together who would go first.)

Me: You both stand right there in that corner and you can't play until you decide together who is going to get ready for bed first. So look at each other and talk about it.
(Kristy walks up to Katie until their bodies are nearly touching and looks up into her face...I try not to laugh.)
Katie: Kristy, can you go first?
Kristy: No!...Katie, can you go first?
Katie: No!
Me: You guys need to talk about it. Katie, why don't you offer Kristy something or do something for her so that she will go first.
Katie: Kristy, do you want to sleep with my purple bear? If you go first, you can sleep with my purple bear, ok?
Kristy: No! (Katie starts whimpering)
Me: Ok guys, you are just going to have to figure it out. Just talk to each other.
Katie: Kristy, I said I can do something for you.
Kina: (shaking her finger at Katie) I said I'm trying to talk to you Katie. Mommy said talk to you. (haha, obviously she has no idea what I am trying to get them to do).
(Katie goes up to Kristy and starts whispering in her ear. Kristy smiles and walks up to me.)
Me: Kristy are you going to go first?
Kristy: NO!
Katie: (throwing her arms up in the air and sighing loudly) KRISTYYYY! I told you to answer her! You were supposed to answer mommy!!!

It was soo cute! In the end, Katie realized that she couldn't leave her corner until someone went first and Kristy did not really understand what was going on, and she went first.


  1. Anonymous said...
    OHHH!! SO CUTE! MY sweet Kina bean...
    Sun said...
    Gosh too cute so fun...!

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