Wedding Pics 1.

First batch of wedding pics that I've gathered so far from a number of people's cameras (the nice ones Ry took)..
I'm not the most photogenic person in the world, plus, during the ceremony my face was twitching, hence there's not too many photos, and I may look slightly odd in most of them :). Oh well! The wedding went by pretty smoothly all things considering, and I am so so glad it's over and done with. Thanks to everyone for helping, we wouldn't have been able to pull it off on our own.

Where we were planning on having the ceremony held..sniff, this was our rehearsal.Where we ended up having it, not too bad, but the red carpet did blind my eyes a bit
The dining room where we had the reception
Some of the food
Walking to Bldg A in the rain..

Our officiant
The groom waiting
Mas and Lils
Mike and Joan
Kina beans, the cutest flower girl ever..(there wasn't any photos of Kate..she was a bit behind Kristy)
Shigs and Jan
Matt and I
Couldn't quite get the hang of kicking my dress so I wouldn't trip, so I carried it instead..
In front of the altar is where I'm trying to keep my face from twitching..
..thus the glum look..
The kiss
"furawa shawa"

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  1. Joan said...
    RAIN!!!!! YOU'RE EVIIL!!!

    Hopefully SOMEONE will be able to have a wedding out there, and it will be breath-taking.....and jealousy will spring forth in the three of us. (that would be you, aiki and ME)

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