Wedding Pics 2.

Throwing the bouquetAnother pic of Kina beans :)
Walking to the dining room in the rain, getting helped by a crowd of people..

Clapping for something...
Cutting the cake (gosh, that table was kind of low, wasn't it?)

Gene giving some random speech..
My mom giving an even more random speech
My mom and I

The beeeautiful bridesmaids in the dresses I made them wear :)
Us and my family
aaand with Aiki's family
Group shot..whatta nice turnout! :)
And a couple of different pics that Sam took..

Thanks everyone once again for all your help!!


  1. Lily said...
    Aiki's eyes are open. I dono why, but a lot of guys do that....I don't approve lol
    The Blowers Daughter said...
    Aww! The pics that Sam took turned out really nice. You two look amazing. :)
    aunty joan said...
    hahah the picture of kina at the door way would have been cute if matt's half cut finger wasn't in there...!!!

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